Must see/do for a “quickie” in Venice || Italian dreams

Venice is one of the most romantic spots in Italy. The gondolas, canals & architecture is equally impressive as its atmosphere. Venice is not as huge as other Italian cities and every tourist spot is walkable. But with its countless canals, labyrinths & pathways, I’d say it is the perfect city to wander and get lost.

I arrived in Venice on a sunny mid day and we were only given a few hours to look around and savour the Venetian vibe. I know that’s quite unfortunate but if you have the same itinerary as i do or only have a half day to spend in this magical city, here’s a must see sights/do for a “quickie” in Venice:

1. St. Mark’s Basilica in Piazza San Marco/St. Mark’s Square. Purchase a pre-booked ticket online to see St. Mark’s Basilica so you don’t waste your time standing and pushing your way through the crowd to get in. After you explore the Basilica, enjoy strutting with pigeons around Piazza San Marco.

2. Gondola ride. I know some people might say that this is too clichè and costly but please do this once in a lifetime experience because you will definitely regret it if you don’t. If you want the experience to be more memorable, hire a singer on board to serenade you. Again, it is a MUST.

3. Rialto Bridge. Your venice trip won’t be complete without going to this spot. From Piazza San Marco, you can find direction signs to find your way to this grand bridge. From the top of the bridge, you can enjoy a panoramic vista of Venice but be prepared to battle with tourists to share this space.

4. Never leave Venice without trying the classic Venetian “Spritz.” This is a refreshing wine-based cocktail and i think it only cost me less than 5 euros to try this iconic Venetian drink.

Arrivederci, Venezia! Tornerò Sicuramente!

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