Why book a ticket to Melbourne? || Explore Victoria

Aside from being voted more than once as the world’s most liveable city worldwide, Melbourne is also considered to be the culture capital of Australia. Book a ticket to Melbourne and bombard your eyes with world-class street art, packed shopping precincts, sublime architecture and infrastructure.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Melbourne should be your next destination:

1. Victoria’s capital reflects the right mix of the old and new. This Metropolis city has preserved its ancient landmarks and added modern impressive buildings around it. Here you will notice new structures & skyscrapers facing or sitting beside historic buildings and sites. Start from Flinders street then head down towards Bourke and Franklin street.

Flinders Street Railway Station
Melbourne CBD

2. It is a city of art and passion. In Melbourne, art shouts in splendor. I believe Australian history and culture have a great impact on how art has been greatly seen here. Whether you are enjoying a day out in a museum or just walking along the streets or spending a day at the beach, you will notice that every corner is just buzzing with cutting edge art. If you are a street art fan, drop by at Hosier lane which is well-renowned for its graffitis and artwork.

An artist in Melbourne CBD
Hosier Lane

Colourful bath boxes in Brighton Beach

3. Countless of food precincts everywhere. Each laneway is crammed with diverse restaurants, cafes or rooftop bars. In Melbourne, there’s always food discoveries to be explored. It is also home to a number of fresh food markets. If you want to soak up with market vibe, visit the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere, Queen Victoria Market (QVB). It is known and is considered to be the heart & soul of Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne’s “Little Italy”
Melbourne’s “China town”

4. Multiculturalism makes Melbourne great. Australia’s second largest city oozes with so much diversity. It is home to many locals, refugees and migrants from all over the world. It is also a favourite Australian destination for many tourists.

5. Gateway to Great Ocean Road (GOR). GOR is profoundly awe-striking! It is approximately a 2-3 hours drive from Melbourne CBD. There are lots of great deals online that offer organised GOR tours. You can also rent a car and drive towards GOR with a scenic view and pass by at quaint and coastal towns in between. Witness a beautiful skyline and see enormous rock formations at Port Campbell National Park. Be surrounded with towering cliffs at Loch Ard Gorge then explore Gibson Steps and the fallen London bridge or be amazed by the Grotto’s splendour.

Twelve Apostles
The Grotto
Port Campbell National Park
Loch Ard Gorge
The Grotto
Gibson Steps
The London Bridge

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