Cherry picking in Young|| New South Wales Travelogue

It’s summer in the land down under once again! While everyone else in the world are getting ready for winter, australians are frolicking to enjoy a day out in the sun! The list to be done in summer is endless and cherry picking is one of them. Summer is the cherry picking season! Usually it starts in September and ends in late December.

Cherry picking in Young, New South Wales is my summer kickstarter for the year!

Young is the Cherry capital of Australia and is also a part of the beautiful Hilltops Region. It is a 2-hour drive from Canberra. During the cherry season, most orchards in this town offer low prices for cherries, guided tours and cherry picking experience for visitors.

A fortnight ago, we found ourselves  wandering around this huge family-owned orchard, Hall Family Orchard.  They offer pre-packed boxes of premium cherries but if you opt the thrill of picking straight from the tree, then you are most welcome to do that. A bucket will be given and it’s up to you if you wanna fill the bucket or not. They charge 10 dollars per kilogram of premium cherries, which is way cheaper than buying them in the supermarket.

Sit under the cherry trees while you enjoy a divine view. You can also spoil yourself with some cherry goodies in their shed shop like ice cream, pie and cola. They also sell olive oil, local jams and honey of other local produce on site.

Feel welcome to come and join the fun while enjoying a premium cherry experience!


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