Who are the protons, electrons and neutrons in your life?

People we meet in our lives leave a piece of themselves with us. I am currently on this mission to know why some people are in my life and why others are not. I’ve been deeply giving a lot of thought about the people around me because i really think that people we meet in life can affect us and touch our lives in the most bizarre ways.

In the law of physics, protons are positively charged particles, electrons are the opposite and neutrons are neither of the two. Whatever journey you have, you will meet people who will shape your life, people who will try to pull you down and people who you will only meet to serve a purpose of giving you a lesson. I categorise them as protons, electrons and neutrons.

Protons. These people have the greatest impact in your life. Your bond with them is eternal. They genuinely care for you and will motivate you to become your absolute best. They have seen you at your weakest but will continue to support you until you regain your strength. Seldom, because you’re too used and comfortable with them, you take them for granted because you know that whatever you do, wherever you go, they will endlessly care for you, even in silence. So when you recognise who these people are, start appreciating them and showing them the love they deserve.

Electrons. The people who are so focused on the bad things they have in life and will influence you to think the same. These people will drive you to be the worst version of yourself. They will drag you towards the abyss but won’t feel sorry for you and won’t bother to even pick you up when you fall. Let go of them and you will notice less negativities coming your way.

Neutrons. These are people that you will meet by complete chance. People who will only come in your life to give you a lesson or to help you grow. People who will come at the right moment or at the right time but were never really meant to stay. Even if you have created a special connection with them they will disappear in your life like a flash, in an instant, after the lesson has been discerned. These are the people who, maybe in the future, you will meet again or maybe not. Although it cuts like a knife, move on and cherish the memories you have with them.

Once you recognise where the people in your life belong to these three, you will easily realise who matters and who doesn’t. So the question is, who are the protons, electrons and neutrons in your life?


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