“I am home” ||Canberra life

It’s christmas time once again! In the Philippines, we celebrate the Yuletide season seriously. Celebrating christmas, the “pinoy style” absolutely calls for a feast! I remember as a child, other than opening of presents and hanging of christmas stockings, i fidget in exhiliration upon the sight of the spread on our table. Christmas is the grandest and happiest season of the year but for Filipinos working or living overseas like me, this can also be a time for an emotional rollercoaster. Food is a part of Filipino culture, that’s why it’s vital for us to go to places and eat signature dishes where we can feel most at home.

Yes! “I am home!” – Exactly what i feel everytime i dine in at Lolo and Lola. The ambiance of the place, the food and even how it is garnished takes me back to a place where i will always feel safe and comforted-HOME.

I’ve been a Lolo and Lola fan ever since their food truck days and not a single chance have it ever disappoint me. Their opening hours is from thursday to sunday. Weekly, they change their menu but they never fail to surprise their guests with authentic Philippine flavours each time. My personal favourites are their lechon kawali (fried pork belly), burger steak, max fried chicken, lechon (Filipino-style roast pork belly) and halo halo espesyal (Filipino shaved ice dessert). I guess what makes Filipino food extraordinary is that our cuisines are greatly inspired from flavours of different cultures like spanish, american, chinese and malay. Lolo and lola offers classic filipino dishes and mouth watering desserts that won’t let you leave a table unsatisfied. Truly, they serve what you deserve!

Authenticity is not only based on the traditional food that they offer, it’s also how they serve their guests. The sense of hospitability ( The filipino way!) that the service staff has is what makes their service superb. Customers are always treated like family just like how foreigners and strangers are welcomed in a usual filipino home. Servers also work well under pressure and never ever forgets to wear a smile. A smile that will make any person’s gastronomy experience even more worthwhile.

Credits to qymburlee.photography for this photo.Credits to qymburlee.photography for this photo.

No wonder Filipinos by blood and by heart, keep on coming back. Pay “lolo and lola” a visit, not just this christmas but on any season to get a taste of world class Philippine cuisines while getting that feeling of “belongingness.”

Kudos to kim, jay, the rest of the lolo and lola family!


Address: 3 Watson Pl, Watson Canberra


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