Wine o’clock || New South Wales Travelogue

No one can deny that New South wales has stunning beaches but apart from that, it has also vast wineries. A quick drive from Canberra takes you to most of the best wineries in town. The wine region in Canberra has been flourishing through the years. It is just around the Australian Capital Territory which also includes a part of New South Wales.

According to research, drinking red wines in moderation is good for the heart because for some reason, the antioxidants prevents coronary artery disease that can lead to heart attack. Honestly, i’m not a wine enthusiast but occasionally i crave for it. I personally love rosé because of its “fruity/flowery” taste and it’s not harsh on my throat. It goes well with pasta and salad too! My favourite go to wine station is the Lerida Estate Winery.

If you live in Canberra, you don’t even need to go farther to see this beauty. It is just along the Federal highway and is just a 30-minute drive from Canberra CBD. From the main gate, this is what you will see and there is also a fair space of parking slots for visitors.

Look at that view! Every corner is just magical. Without a doubt, the view will turn your stress away and did i say, there’s no entrance fee? Yes, strutting through these vineyards is for free but just watch where you walk because there are kangaroo spats everywhere.

So, when you’re done breathing in the view, head on to the cellar door and cafe which is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. If you’re keen for a wine tasting, they offer a wide range of wines, from red wines, white wines to rosé. Cafè Lerida also has all sorts of food. Whether you want gourmet pies or mains, desserts, or even just a milkshake, it won’t surely disappoint your gastronomy experience. Their crepe and scones are my favourites!

There’s no bad time to visit a winery but i prefer coming during summer season when the vines are filled with grapes and at their fullest blooms. So whether you come to unwind, drink wine, or even just to take scenic photos, a winery will never be a bad idea.


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