There’s something special about The Grounds of Alexandria|| Sydney Diaries

During a random dinner with some of my Canberran friends, we spontaneously decided to roll in Sydney for a fish market run. Check out my Sydney Fish Market post.

After a sumptuous seafood lunch, we proceeded to The Grounds of Alexandria. If i live in Sydney, i would definitely see myself in this spot for weekend hangs. I’ve been here a few times but there’s something special about The Grounds that makes me want to keep coming back for more!

The grounds of Alexandria is bursting with so much action and vibrance. It has a huge open space which has various stalls, a cafè, a courtyard and a mini farm.

Now, let me take you on a visual tour in the most photographed cafè in Sydney.

This picturesque fountain greets you from the entrance

Thank you @qymburleephotography for this photo.

To the right of this fountain, you can find an animal cage so be ready to meet the infamous hairy pig, kevin the bacon! Kids will definitely adore the mini zoo so this place is perfect for family gatherings. Don’t worry because it’s meticulously clean and well-maintained. No funny smell at all!

There are also lots of food choices and a mini market around the area but just be prepared to wait for chairs to sit on because most days, it is jampacked with so much people. Crazy crowd, i must say!

There are also healthy beverages to try with reasonable prices too. And i myself, could not resist this stall’s pink lemonade!

Care for some flowers? This shop offers all things pretty!

If you’re in Sydney, make sure to add this spot on your itinerary because The Grounds of Alexandria is surely worth the hype!

Address: 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria Sydney



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