Biking 101 for adults in ten steps! 

Guess what? I have finally decided to learn how to bike after 28 years! Judge me not, i tried unlocking this milestone when i was a kid but circumstances just failed me. Once i tried biking with my brother and it just left me with bruises and multiple grazes on my knee. It’s lame but biking was never really my thing. While all my friends bike their way to wherever, i was happy enough to stay in one place and play dolls. I was never thwarted for not forcing myself how to bike nor i was bullied but people would say that i missed out on my childhood. I was frustrated but not to the extent that i did something to ease that frustration. Honestly, growing up i was more inclined to drive a car than to bike around.

But what actually changed my heart? Well, whenever i go to parks, my envious heart pops out each time i see families happily biking together. When i went to amsterdam i was confronted with my frustration. Bicycles are everywhere as if they’re mocking me and even if i try so hard to envision myself on a floral dress, pedaling with grace on a vintage bicycle, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t because i know for a fact that i don’t know how to bike. Then i woke up one day with so much perseverance to achieve my childhood frustration. That’s why i came up with ten steps on how to learn to bike when you’re an adult! Here it goes:

1. The start is always the hardest so DON’T give up!

2. Location. Find a good location to practice. You don’t want a park full of onlookers and kids who already mastered the art of biking so look for empty car parks or isolated cycle paths/parks.

3. Safety. Check the quality of your bike. Make sure the tires, pedals and brakes, even the bell, are in excellent condition.

4. Protective gears. Don’t forget to wear a good pair of rubber shoes, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and your helmet. I couldn’t stress how important this is!

5. Saddle. Adjust the seat so both feet can easily touch the ground & ensure that it’s not wobbly.

6. Position. Align your spine at the middle of the bike while putting your weight over the back of the saddle. Try to glide yourself using alternately your right and left foot without using the pedals. Repeat multiple times until you start finding your balance. Balance is a human instinct and can never be taught so just be patient!

7. Momentum. With your dominant leg, position the pedal on a 45-degree angle. Your momentum is the key for a good start. You can also ask someone to lightly hold the bike while you pedal around. Eventually you will find your own speed and gain enough confidence.

8. Chin up. Never look on the ground! If you fail, do deep breaths & go back to step 6 and 7.

9. Biking unaided. Once you have started pedalling by yourself, start learning how to turn towards the left or right by shifting a bit of your weight to the side your turning but don’t hold the handles too tight because it won’t help!

10. Practice. Practice. Practice!

I still couldn’t believe that with these 10 steps, i unlocked this achievement for just an hour without even a single scratch! Now, it’s your turn! Off you go!

Took protective gears off for photo purposes.

Took off protective gears for photo purposes✌🏼


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