On a high in Bondi || Sydney Diaries

There’s no better way to spend a 29-degree weather than in sunny Bondi. Spring has just blossomed but summer is definitely around the corner. Bondi beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches. From dawn to dusk, locals flock to hang out here.  It’s like you haven’t really been to Sydney if you haven’t been to Bondi.

It’s easy to get here. If you’re a tourist then you can either ride a cab, an uber or take the cheap option of riding a bus. Take the 333 or 380 bus to bondi beach which leaves regularly from Circular Quay. It’s a 30-45 minute ride. You can also ride a train from Central station to Bondi Junction then change to 333 bus, which will take you to the beach in just 15 minutes. For more info, please visit http://www.sydneytrains.info/travelling_with/places_to_go/bondi_beach

If you’re going by car, come as early as possible to avoid traffic & to secure parking. From mid day til noon, fishing for parking spaces in Bondi is like looking for a needle in a hay! So, i suggest that you park your car to the nearest shopping centre and just ride a cab going to bondi beach like what we did. From westfield bondi junction, we only spent 10 bucks which is really not bad!   

Not a beach lover? Well,  you can watch skate boarders flip and flop at the bondi skate park, which is just adjacent to the beach.

You shouldn’t miss the Bondi beach art walk too!

There are also a number of shopping precincts and restaurants across the road. If you want a superb view while dining, then you should go to Bondi icebergs. This beauty is situated at the southern end of Bondi Beach and i tell you, it’s worth every penny! See more at https://icebergs.com.au/

Giddy to soak up in the sun? Make sure you’re beach ready with your fab bikinis, bottled water & some sunscreen! Bondi’s sandy shore is very ideal for travel snaps or selfies. Surfers are most welcome too. Don’t worry, you will feel safe with all the lifeguards hovering around the area.

If you’re up for a coastal walk, you can explore bondi to cogee walk. Keep posted and follow this blog for that story. Don’t forget to leave some love✨


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