Food coma in Sydney Fish Market || Sydney Diaries

Seafood enthusiast? We’ll this is the best place to enjoy a perfect lunch spread, baby! 

Sydney fish market is a seafood haven! If you plan on spending a holiday in Sydney then don’t miss paying this place a visit. From smallish fishes to big ones to oysters, lobsters, crabs, prawns & a whole lot more! Name it and you’ll definitely have it!

There are so many ways on how to get here. For info, please visit their website at As for us, we went by car. Here’s a photo of their parking rates.

If you are keen to witness behind the scenes and to learn more about the fish market then feel free to book yourself a guided tour.

Well, first things first. Starving? No worries! You can find a variety of restaurants and have your best pick and enjoy a sumptuous lunch by the waters on the picnic tables. Just be prepared to share the table with some silver gulls. Oops!

If you opt not to have seafood then you can also find here all things deli! There’s a wide range of choices from wines, fruits, cheese, sushi, ice cream or you can also choose to just sit and unwind with a spectacular view.

There are a lot of things going on here so i suggest you add Sydney Fish Market to your itinerary. And if you just live nearby, then come and drop by. Ta da for now!

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