Grand Pacific Drive || New South Wales Travelogue

Grand Pacific drive is one of Straya’s (this is how most Aussies pronounce Australia) most scenic driving routes. It’s nearly an hour drive from Sydney & more or less three hours away from where i live (Canberra, ACT). If you are game for long sojourns or perhaps a weekend getaway then this is the best place to visit. It encompasses coastal towns such as Kiama, Shellharbour, Wollongong & Shoalhaven.

The iconic sea cliff bridge is a must visit. Mind you, it’s more than just a bridge! It’s S-shaped and is strikingly sweeping over the turquoise waters. Driving across this route is exhilarating but to appreciate it even more, you can park your car at the end of the bridge and do the bridge walk where you can just savour the majestic view.

Taking in the beautiful view.

For a broader view, head on to the Bald Hill lookout, which is just a few kilometres away from the bridge.

Next on my list is Wollongong. Visit the Wollongong Head lighthouse and wander around the harbour as it has great views of the ocean. There are various shops, restaurants and fishing boats around the area. If you’re getting hitched anytime soon then this spot is ideal for your prenuptial/wedding shoot. Believe it or not, every time i visit here, i ALWAYS see photographers or “photographer wannabees,” like me, in action.

If you want to see the biggest Buddhist temple in Southern Hemisphere, then don’t miss visiting the Nan Tien Temple. The interior of the temple is just as remarkable as its lovely gardens.  

Along the Grand Pacific Drive is Kiama. This is a charming seaside town and a perfect getaway destination to escape the chilly weather in Canberra. Its temperature is bearable as it has mild winter and warm summer days.  I’d say, Kiama is more than just a pit stop and a breather for travellers voyaging further  to Sydney.


The blowhole is Kiama’s greatest attraction and most of the time, tourists flock to visit it. So i suggest that you come very early if you want the blowhole all by yourself. This blowhole is a sea cliff cavern that gushes seawater skywards. Unfortunately, there’s not much action in the blowhole whenever i go there but what amazes me each time is the rock formation alongside with the rocky cliffs.

Kiama Blowhole 2016. #ThrowbackPhoto

Few meters away from the blowhole is the lighthouse.

Finally, a visit in Kiama won’t be complete without a glimpse of the Cathedral rocks. It’s situated just along Jones Beach. Sunset and sunrise are magical here so if you have enough time, visit it either at dawn or dusk.


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