Welcome to my world!

Hello, I’m Rhea. I’m on a journey to explore my individuality,  passion & purpose. Over the course of my entire life, i have been drawn to a lot of interests and hobbies like writing, sketching and styling, just to name a few. I am exactly clueless why I’m even  starting this blog. I have a facebook page, livingtheaussiedream,where i share my personal experiences and travels within Australia(my second home) but my desire to share more of my journey (no pretensions, no more hiding, I’m now all out!) and explore beyond what I’ve already explored is burning that i couldn’t even sleep at night and stop thinking about it (too much, ey?). I don’t live in a perfect world. Like you, i am just an ordinary human being trying to cope up with the strides of life. I hope that through this, I’d be able to inspire you guys, through my mishaps, excursions, heartaches, failures & victories in life.  This is just the start. I am flawed and imperfect and by that, i mean that sometimes i can just be sharing uninteresting or mushy posts or might not even blog for weeks but hang with me, bear with me & try to live with me!




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